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A new method of spatial organization and information presentation for the workplace of the (near) future, (Print Screen) is a commercial product that can be purchased, shipped and installed in the structural grid of any open floor plan. The package includes a kit of large format industrial printers attached vertically to columns that uses a high-strength, lightweight and soundproof paper (patent pending!) that users can print on and arrange to partition and create spaces that accommodate a variety of uses.
(Print Screen) aims to bring the built environment up to speed with current technologies and create a full integration between architecture and information. (Print Screen) confronts the indeterminacy of the growing business with an adaptable nature that is able to accommodate short term growth and the specific needs of the work environment without sacrificing the ability to personalize one’s own space.
Rather than pinning up paper to a wall, information is printed directly onto the surfaces of the workspace as they are created and deployed. Got an important meeting with several clients? No problem! Just press (Print Screen) and the walls of the conference room are printed with the information for presentation with the space scaled to accommodate it.  When the meeting is over, the walls of the conference room can be taken down and recycled, allowing for different uses to occur in the same space on an abbreviated cycle. With a quick click of the mouse, an entire space can transform from a series of individual cubicles to an open space for a fashion show or event.
(Print Screen) adapts the workspace to respond to the fast flow and instant gratification of information, combining flexible open space with the need for privacy and enclosure at the push of a button.

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The road to gayness 🎉 #vsco #vscocam 1 month ago / 0 notes

Backyard pool built into the existing limestone quarry. Love it!

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“Please don’t Instagram nonsense. Not everyone wants to know what you do everyday in your life”
My mother. 
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How to eat clean. 

Season with natural stuff (garlic chilli olive oil etc) and oven bake everything. 

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Logan Lerman. yes. 

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DIY Irregular Foodgasm.- Irregular bread dough (half baked)- Pepperoni slices EVERYWHERE.- Capsicum of all colours, diced.- Cheese of all sorts, scattered.- Tomato puree, Prego if possible.Baked at 200celsius, 15 minutes with love. 3 months ago / 1 notes
Your Passport to Comic Art Festival  (at Annexe Gallery Central Market, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ) 3 months ago / 0 notes
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Why You Should Shove That GoPro Up Your Ass »


The GoPro was designed primarily for sports. It was made to withstand the rigors of physical activities and motion.

It’s not a fashion accessory.

Neither is it a replacement for one’s inadequate dickage.

So please don’t go waving your GoPro around, bragging about your new pole, your stickers,…


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